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Why have a wedding after-party?

Nowadays more and more couples wish to extend their wedding celebration until one or two days after the reception. So an After-Party is usually more casual and relaxed than the wedding and it can take place in the same venue or another one. 

Although newlyweds are not obliged to have a post-wedding party, it’s pretty hard to resist.

Why Not Extend the Most Important Day of Your Life?

Technically the after party starts when the reception ends, but if your reception is very long that night, we recommend starting the next day to be rested and refreshed. 

So there are many different options and suitable for any couple. You don’t need to spend a lot of money, like a Picnic on the beach or a Pool Party at a friend’s house. But you can also opt for something more fancy and expensive like sailing on a Private Boat!


 1. Most venues, such as hotels or wedding halls, have time restrictions related to music and noise in order to respect other people’s rest. Unless you celebrate in a place far away from neighbors and other limitations, your party will not be able to last until the next day.

2. A wedding after-party allows you to have quality time with all your friends and loved ones. On your Big day you are so busy with details and protocols that you lack time to share and relax with your family and friends.

3. That is a way to further customize your wedding and elevate the guest experience. It’s also another chance for you to keep the feeling going, fully let loose and create more memories. In some traditions the wedding celebration lasts 3 days, as in Greek, Hindu and Gypsy weddings. WHY NOT IN YOURS?

How would you like to keep celebrating your wedding? It’s up to You and what you want to remind. 

Leave us your comments and ideas.

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