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Seaweed is a brown macroalgae found on the sea surface in tropical locations. Seaweed serves as a habitat for many marine species, provides shelter for sea turtle hatchlings, also it’s a resting station for migratory species such as birds. The risk lies in its overdevelopment. 

The Sargasso Sea is a floating marine ecosystem, located in the North Atlantic. It is bounded by the Gulf Ocean currents, the Equatorial currents and the Canary Current. It forms a clockwise rotating surface water system.


Rising water temperatures and various pollutants dumped into the sea are the main causes of the excessive growth of seaweed. These include chemical fertilizers dropped by agro-industrialists who deforest the Amazon or untreated wastewater from Mexican municipalities in the Riviera Maya. 

When the seaweed reaches the shore forming mounds, it decomposes and releases hydrogen sulfide gas. This gas is highly toxic and causes dermatitis, conjunctivitis, and respiratory lesions. In addition, the analyses carried out on the macroalgae detect elements such as arsenic, copper, manganese and molybdenum.  All of them are harmful to humans as well as to the flora and fauna of the region. Thus affecting the beaches, coral reefs, sea grasses, mangroves, and so on.


At the moment, seaweed is a serious problem that requires efficient and coordinated solutions between the public and private sectors. It is affecting all beaches of Cancun and the Riviera Maya to a greater or lesser extent. Isla Mujeres and Isla Contoy are the only places seaweed free. And from Tulum to Playa del Carmen, where we find less seaweed is in Akumal. Thanks to the fresh water source of the Yalku Lagoon the nearby beaches have very little seaweed.

Villa Bellamar is only 200 meters from Yalku Cenote & Lagoon and you can still enjoy the turquoise blue water of the Caribbean. 

Come and check it out!

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