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The venue where a couple celebrate their wedding is one of the main decisions after getting engaged in marriage. As a wedding site we must be inclusive of all types of couples. Above all promote non-discrimination based on race, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or citizenship status. 

Therefore to show that we are an inclusive venue, especially with the LGBTQIA+ community. Here there are some ideas to be an inclusive wedding venue with same-sex couples:

  • Uses neutral vocabulary with words like couple, fiancée, life-mate and avoiding the term bride and groom. You can also use new pronouns like they/them, non-binary, cisgender, and so on. Even if the couple is straight, there is likely to be a variety of LGBTQIA+ among the guests.
  • Update your wedding gallery. Include images of same-sex couples getting married that show your support for the LGBT community and your experience. Always a picture says a thousand words.
  • Connect with social networks. Celebrate diversity by sharing images of different types of couples. In addition an inclusive wedding venue should celebrate love before all else, regardless of the couple’s background and the type of ceremony, such as civil, religious or symbolic. In social media like, comment and follow images of same sex weddings or LGBTQIA+ friendly accounts.
  • Create a family atmosphere with any couple. Each person is a world and trying to discover it can be very challenging. Be creative and don’t take anything for granted. Ask and connect with each other. Also, in the case of same-sex couples, two brides or two grooms may have unique and interesting needs to discover. 

If you are looking for an inclusive wedding venue Villa Bellamar Akumal is what you need! We are experts in welcoming groups for weddings.

Check our unbeatable structure and facilities!

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