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Although its name indicates that you will only find monkeys in this wild animal sanctuary, in fact, you will find many more. This animal sanctuary is a must-visit for families with children and animal lovers.

A place that fights for the welfare and conservation of endangered wildlife, both endemic and introduced from other regions of the world. However, the overexploitation of the Caribbean and the Mexican jungle has negatively affected the animals that inhabit it, increasing the number of rescued animals.

That’s why, the rescued animal shelter supports the community in several ways:

  • Enviromental Eduacation. Educational tours for individuals, groups, and schools to teach about conservation and protection of animals and the natural environment.
  • Fairtrade. Promoting local handicrafts made by Mayan communities without the overprice middleman and a fair price for the artisan. 
  • Research Center. Through collaboration with researchers from different universities to benefit biodiversity.
  • Animal Welfare. Integral attention to the rescued animals in terms of food, health, mobility, environment, and social needs. 
  • Rehabilitation and Reintroduction. That is the ultimate goal of each program, as long as the species’ conditions and the environment allow it.

Monkey Sanctuary Tour 

So the main tour on the wild animal sanctuary lasts 2 hours and there are different daily schedules:

9AM, 10AM, 12PM, 1PM, 3PM.

Regular Prices

Adults (ages 12+) – $1,430 MXN | $65 USD 

Child (ages 5-11) – $990 MXN | $45 USD 

Youth (ages 4 and under) – FREE

Price for locals and quintanarroenses:

Adults (ages 12+) – $500 MXN | $25 USD 

Child (ages 5-11) – $300 MXN | $15 USD 

Youth (ages 4 and under) – FREE

Reserve HERE

In the rescued animal shelter, you will find 40 different animals, including macaws, snakes, primates, lemurs of Madagascar, goats, deers, and otters. Among them, the Spider Monkey, so charismatic and social, who was the king in the tropical forest, is now in danger due to illegal trafficking.

You can also support the Akumal Sanctuary Foundation

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