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Do you know why to have a party after your Big Day? Find out the reasons and check here the best and most interesting ideas. For every couple and budget, you will find many different ways to organize your Wedding after-party and make it unique to you. 

  1. Pool Party with barbeque. This is the most popular and affordable to all budgets, because everyone has a friend with a pool house. Anyway, if you don’t have one, you can rent a house to do so. Refresh, relax without stressing about driving and getting home.
  2. Charter a Boat. That is more exclusive and expensive, but definitely worth it. Jump off the boat, swim in the sea, snorkel on the reef and dance on the bow with the breeze and the breathtaking ocean view. You can also increase your wedding album with the stunning sunset over the sea from the sky with aerial footage by drone.
  3. City Tour in a Party Bus. If you are in a big city, you may hire a Bus with all your guests and roll through the city in a party on wheels. Remember to make stops at emblematic, and fast and tasty food places.
  4. Theme Party. This is a fun way to end your celebration! It can take place in a private or rented house, just choose the theme and let your guests take over the rest. Fun and good vibes guaranteed.
  5. Brunch. A more brief and polite idea is to share a delicious brunch with your guests where you can chat to each other and share the great moments of the previous day. It can be in the same venue or in a sophisticated restaurant.
  6. Picnic Day. Make the most of the weather in sunnier places with a picnic on the beach or in the mountains. Make sure it is a nearby place of your venue.
  7. Sport Day. Looking to balance the excesses of the night before, you can also opt for a championship among your guests. Tennis, soccer, volleyball, any sport they like to practice, and don’t forget to include an exciting prize to motivate them.
  8. Karaoke Afternoon. That is always a low-budget and fun for a wedding after-party. It’s also a relax way to say goodbye to family and friends. 
  9. A Show. Another interesting idea is hire a magician, standup comedian, musicians or any other entertainment that you like.
  10. Second-day Disco Night. If you are a disco type and want to extend the dance, you can rent a venue only for your group or reserve at the trendy disco. 

Most after-parties are pretty casual and relaxed. Thus you can do whatever you excited about and feels good.

If you are looking for a Perfect Venue for your Wedding and After- Party, Villa Bellamar Akumal is what you need!

Check our unbeatable structure and facilities!

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