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“To Bee or not to Bee” Honey Times in the Yucatan Peninsula.

The Yucatan Peninsula, owner of a massive worldwide exposure, thanks to its glorious beaches, epic Mayan vestiges and paradisiac Cenotes (natural water sinkholes), is also home to one of the sweetest and cutest experiences out there. Yucatan is the number one honey producer in the country with 10% of the national product, and also tops the exportation chart.

As a country, Mexico is a proud top three exporter of the glorious nectar that our great “BEEheaving” workers produce. Just behind China and Argentina, sending most of it to Central Europe and the U.S. who appreciate the top quality of it.

So… why such ancient, prolific, successful and charismatic art has not been promoted worldwide as a “must visit” attraction for the thousands of visitors to the peninsula?  who – with some weirdo exceptions –  MUST love honey.

We… don´t know, might be tough stepping out of the shadow of the better known attractions, but the recent boom of the community, rural and gourmet tourism, sparked a movement that has seen many local producers opened their gates to visitors from all over the world. 


This are the days when projects like: “Ruta de las Abejas”,  Xcopek Apipark, Mayan Bee Sanctuary or Sinanché, to name a few, are easier to spot in the tourguides offering the whole experience of the farming, collection, tasting and handcraft of honeybased products. On top of it all, we get to say hi to the true rockstars: the Melipona Bees, the stingless sweetest workers in town.

May this newfound success bring back the beautiful tales that are still told by the mayan grandparents, the ones about Ah Mucen Cab, the divine mayan red bee, who descended from the heavens to transmit the knowledge on the virtues of the honey, the hive products and the farm techniques… be aware Kukulkan, a new sheriff divinity has arrived.

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