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Find out about trends in Same-sex marriage

Same-sex marriage is one of the rights most fought for by the LGBT community, and is already legal in many countries. In Mexico, the capital city was the first to allow same-sex marriages in 2010. Later Quintana Roo in the Mexican Caribbean, the state with the most same-gender loving visitors, approved it in 2012. Since that day until today, millions of couples in love and happy to get married in Mexico have visited us. In the meantime, this law has been approved in more and more states.


Any couple is looking to make their Big Day special, unique, fun and touching.  But what can you do to make your wedding fulfill all that? Customize the event. 

LBGT people are experts at customizing their event, and going beyond a conventional wedding. So the most common details among same-sex couples to make that event so unique are the following:

1. Celebrate in a different place, usually avoiding places of worship. Thus the ceremony takes place in a garden, on the beach, in the mountains or in a hall with minimal religious symbols.

2. A friend or family member officiates the ceremony. This way it is not a person who does not know the couple, but rather someone close to them who knows the love story of both. A personalized speech, will make everyone share the joy that means this union.

3. Write your own vows is something more and more practiced and meaningful for the person you are going to spend the rest of your life with.

4. Travel to a heavenly or far away destination for your wedding. LGBT couples are more likely to look for a place far away from their usual site to celebrate their marriage. 

All of above will make your wedding unforgettable and unique in every way. Also when choosing the right venue it is important to take into account certain conditions.

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