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Find out the most curious and practical tips for your wedding day. We know that on your Big Day you have many things in mind, however here you will get some tips to make it easier. All these details will help you to make that day unforgettable.


Before buying or altering your dress, make sure you can sit in it. So you should feel sexy and comfy. Also walk with your shoes some days at home, because nothing can be as annoying as a sore foot. And of course, when you need to pee, the easiest way is to sit on the toilet backward, with a friend holding your dress.


You want to capture every moment, that’s why it’s very useful to create a hashtag for guests to use when posting and tagging all your wedding pictures. In addition, forget about your bra that morning as it will leave marks on your back visible in pics.


Be kind and friendly, but don’t try to please everyone. It’s your wedding day and you have to enjoy. 

Guests always comment on two things the most from weddings: the food and the music. Thus make sure they have really good things to say. For example, put a notebook for songs requests on the reception table and your guests will get happy and exited when theirs song comes out.

On that special day, many people may have something to say. So ask a friend or a family member to record all the speeches. Besides, it will be very touching in your professional wedding video.

Above all, don’t forget some special guests, and take a moment to simply look at your parent’s face, to bond and embrace them.


Firstly, it is very important that you eat and hydrate well all day long, otherwise you will feel exhausted and the alcohol will have a faster effect later. Mostly get enough rest the day before and don’t stress. Relax, breathe, have fun and flirt. Your partner is excited too, so talk, kiss and playfully with each other. Be present in the moment and take some time for yourselves after the ceremony.

One idea is to choose a new perfume as a way of capturing memories. So every time you use the fragance your mind will go to that day.

At the party, dance, chill and enjoy, but don’t overdoing the champagne. You want to be able to remember it and not miss any detail. Hence leave the party at a specific time in order to save energy and excitement for your alone time.

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