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legal marriage in mexico

A civil marriage in Mexico is the only valid wedding for legal purposes worldwide. Also same sex marriage is legal in Mexico city since 2010 and in Quintana Roo state, in the Mexican Caribbean, was approved in 2012. That’s why this state is the favorite for gay marriage celebrations due to its natural beauty and the stunning Caribbean Sea. 

So you can performance a symbolic or religious wedding but it’s not legally recognized. Therefore you need to visit the civil register later in Mexico or in your own town.

What are the Requirements to get legally Married in Mexico? 

Foreign Marriage:

  1. Valid passport 
  1. Migratory Form obtained at the airport or legal residence instead.
  1. Blood tests (VDRL, HIV and RH) and medical certificate issued in the state where the marriage is held with a date not less than 30 days old.
  1. Protest letter obtained in Mexico from the Registry Office. 
  1. Four identified and qualified witnesses (over 18 years of age), who must be present at the ceremony.
  1. In case of widowhood or have been married before, you must present the Divorce decree, or Death Certificate, officially translated into Spanish and carrying the Apostille stamp.
  1. Fee payment in the Civil Registry Office. If you want to performance the ceremony in a resort, beach or boat the cost increases.

As an optional document a legalized copy of your Birth Certificate, depends on each state of Mexico. In Cancun, Tulum and other municipalities it is not required.

Mexican Marriage:

  1. Birth Certificate.
  1. CURP of both.
  1. Legal Identification (INE or Passport).

Same requirements as for foreigners from number 3 to 7.

After the marriage, the Civil Registry will provide two certified copies: the true copy to the book and the small copy for legal purposes.

Moreover,  people under 18 years of age cannot marry without legal custodians consent. In this case, only boys up to 16 and girls up to 14 years old could marry in Mexico.

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