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Visit the Riviera Maya and discover why the Mayas considered the Cenotes the Entrance to the Underworld. For the Mayan Civilization, they were sacred places, as a source of water and a connection between the world of the living and the underworld. The Mayas believed that Chaak, the god of rain, lived in the caves and cenotes and that is why rituals and sacrifices were performed in them.

So when you immerse  yourself in their crystal clear waters, you can understand the beauty, wildness and mysticism of the cenotes.


Crossing the small village of Akumal, you will find one cenote with few tourists, only locals visit it during the weekend. Cenote Puerta Maya o Uxuxuvi which is a semi-open cenote. That means there is an open area for swimming in the sun, and another underground for the more adventurous to explore this impressive cavern. Here you will find stalactites and stalactites thousands of years old. The crystal clear fresh water connects through the cavern with other cenotes and is cool and refreshing.

Driving to Tulum, exit Chemuyil, there is another beautiful and totally open cenote, Cenote Xunaan-Ha. This is like a natural pool surrounded by tropical vegetation. The water is warmer due to the sun and there are some different fish. Also in this cenote there is a platform at a height of approximately 3 meters to jump and has a small zip line as well. 

Both are definitely a perfect tour for the family looking to escape the crowds and tourist places. Also they are easy to visit in one day and let you know the difference between open and semi-open cenotes. The access road is unpaved but accessible for small vehicles. These cenotes are very naturals and well maintained, with restrooms and showers, snorkeling equipment, life jackets and no food is allowed.


Heading towards Tulum is the Aktun Chen Natural Park, a much more touristic place to enjoy a full day. It includes different activities to choose, such as Dry Cave, Underground River or Zipline Route in the middle of the jungle. It also has an Animals Reserve where you will see deers, monkeys, coatis, and so on.

We recommend you the Underground River; with an extension of more than 100 meters long, through clear waters you will really get into the Mayan Underworld.

And for sealovers, you can not miss the Cenote & Lagoon Yalku. A natural and well kept place where you will find the largest amount of fish in the entire Riviera Maya, you may even find sea turtles. Since the cenote is as big as a lagoon and flows directly into the sea.

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