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A beautiful beach wedding will be an unforgettable experience for everyone, so it must be accompanied by a memorable wedding favor. This is a small gift to thank all your guests for sharing such a special day with you. Although this present is by no means obligatory, that definitely doesn’t go unappreciated. 

A wedding favor is usually a gift that fits with the wedding theme or something meaningful to the couple. For that reason, it is not only a souvenir from the event for guests, but also a memento for the couple. You can put it in a place to take your mind back to that day every time you wacht it. 

Therefore, a way to show your gratitude with your family and friends is a creative wedding favour. On a practical level, the gift should be both useful and cute at the same time. 




They are very popular for a beach wedding. This fans will also be a welcome gift for a hot day on the beach.

Marine Candle

They are always a cute gift for a romantic dinner in accordance with the theme.


Sunglasses are fun for photos as well as helping those who forgot theirs.

Nautical Anchor

This bottle opener may be very useful for a beach vacation and no guest will want to lose sight of it.

Message in a Bottle

That reminds us of castaways sending a help letter and is perfect for thanking your guests for their support today.

Seashell Box

Seashell Boxes are ideals for storing jewelry and other small items.


Seashell sweets made from chocolate will be a delicious option, as well as Starfish Cookies.


That is another practical wedding favor that your guests can carry with them in their purse or pocket.


A notebook for writing down thoughts, notes or feelings.

Whichever gift you choose, an important part is the message you write on the card. Your wedding favor tag is a thankful message for your family and friends to let them know how significant their attendance is.

Some ideas:

“As salt enriches the ocean, so your company enriches our hearts.”

“Share and Spread love” 

“Thank you for your cheerful, warm and genuine sharing”

“Oceans of gratitude”

“Our warmest thanks”

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