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We have all heard about the benefits of mindfulness for our mental and even physical health, although we often don’t understand to what extent this habit can help us. 

We can define mindfulness as the state of being aware of the present moment, letting go of disturbances or thoughts referring to the past or future. 

How can being mindful in the present benefit me?

Here you will find all the great things mindfulness can do for you. 

  • Relax our mind. Meditation practice increases positive thinking, helping to reduce anxiety and stress. When negativity and worries decrease, our mind relaxes and is calm. That is why when we meditate, we have a better feeling and mood.
  • Improve our emotion regulation. It allows you to see and process emotions differently. Mindfulness creates a space for the meditator to decide how to experience a feeling. So we become less reactive and more adaptive to stressful or negative situations, because we have better strategies to handle them.
  • Increased focus and memory. Another important benefit of mindfulness is the ability to pay attention and suppress distracting information. You also gain mental agility and memory.
  • Better physical health. Different studies show that meditation practice also improves your physical condition. Some examples are: immune system improvement, lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, lower anxiety levels, improved sleep, rest, and even improved skin texture. As we feel more relaxed and satisfied, the tension in our facial expressions disappears, and our face shows more firmness. 

However, to enjoy the benefits of any meditation practice, consistency is essential. If you meditate once a week, you will feel good for a while, hopefully, one day, but it will not bring any significant change in your life. Just like going to the gym, if you go once a week, you will not see many effects in your physical condition, but if you work out daily, you will experience results in a few days. Thus, building a habit is what will make the difference. 

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Villa Bellamar Akumal is a Private Resort for Retreats.

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