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A wedding on the beach in Tulum is the perfect setting to say YES. The ocean, sand and breeze are inviting you to relax and enjoy, but a seaside wedding outdoor involves special considerations to keep in mind.


The place already has a natural beauty which helps us. Therefore a simple arch decorated with flowers and/or textiles with the ocean as a background is enough decoration. Sand, seashells, nautical symbols, sea snail or stones can be used to decorate the welcome table and the reception. 

Remember that the breeze is more intense when you are near the ocean. So all the decoration must be held to prevent dropping flowers, candles and others materials.


The time of the ceremony is very significant. You want to have the natural light to enjoy the landscape, but you don’t want to melt and destroy your makeup. For this reason, the best moment is before sunset, one hour before the sun sets. You will have enough light, less heat, and you can also do our Newlywed photo shoot with the pink sunset sky. 


A beach wedding is much more casual than a church or hall wedding. However, the decision of what type of ceremony depends on the couple. You can opt for a real ceremony, with a civil or religious minister, or a symbolic one, with a family member, close friend or shaman to officiate the ceremony.  

The key is not make it too long, and don’t forget that you will need some shade to avoid sweat, and to keep yourself hydrated. Also to make your guests feel more comfortable include refreshments, sunscreen, bug spray, parasols and a basket if they want to deposit shoes.


The ideal weather is sunny with few clouds, or even cloudy, but what do we do if it rains? You should always have an alternative covered place to do your ceremony. Especially nearby the original one to avoid making too many changes with the decoration and reception.

Remember to check the wind and tide also, because with too strong winds and waves your seaside wedding can look like a hurricane.


Your wedding on the beach can take place in a Resort, Public or Private Beach.

  • Resorts usually have an established wedding area where there are fewer tourists. However, the beach is not closed and the outdoor area neither. Since a huge location, in case of bad wether the covered hall for weddings can be very far from the ocean. 
  • There are a variety of restaurants and beach clubs where celebrate weddings. The advantage is that you have a close covered option in case of rain, but on the beach anyone can walk, swim or sunbathe while you get married.
  • A private beach is the best option, since no one will appear swimming in the background in your wedding video. You can book a villa where you have accommodation for your guests and a private beach to celebrate your wedding. Above all, a reserved and exclusive place for your family group is the safest and most recommendable to get married in Tulum Mexico.

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